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Pre-Sold Round Bales
  • Pre-Sold Round Bales

    Introducing our Pre-Sold Round Bales: Reliable, Convenient, and Guaranteed Satisfaction! 

    • Only 1000 Available
    • If cash payment selected, payment due within 30 days

    At Blankenship Farms we take immense pride in offering you our premium Pre-Sold Round Bales, carefully crafted to meet the specific needs of your livestock. Each bale weighs an average of 1/3 a ton, ensuring an ample supply of high-quality forage to nourish your animals throughout the year.

    With our Pre-Sold Round Bales, you can bid farewell to the uncertainties of finding hay during the busy seasons. Picture this: as soon as the bales are ready, we set aside your order, reserving them exclusively for you. This means no more frantic last-minute searches or settling for lesser quality alternatives. Our personalized approach guarantees that your livestock will have a consistent, reliable source of nourishment, even during the harshest seasons.

    But that's not all. We value our customers and want to ensure your satisfaction beyond measure. If summer prices happen to drop below what you paid for your Pre-Sold Round Bales, we'll gladly refund the difference in store credit. That's our commitment to transparency and fairness, ensuring that you always receive the best value for your investment.

    • Purchasing:
      You can pay directly through our website, or during checkout select the Cash option to pay upon delievery.

      Farm pickup is free. Delievery incurrs an additional charge depending on your needs, if selected we will call to set this up.

      Customer satisfaction is our priority, but due to the nature of farming we cannot gurantee cash refunds. Please contact us if there is any issue with your order.

    • Baleage:
      At Blankenship Farms, we take pride in providing top-quality hay for your animals. However, we always recommend consulting a veterinarian before making any changes to your animal's diet. Especially if switching from dry hay to baleage. Baleage is a perfectly healthy feed for all livestock, including horses, but the transition is important. Please note, baleage is subject to natrual fermentation processes and a sweet smell is normal. However, If you encounter any issues with your feed such as brightly colored spots, please don't hesitate to contact us within 72 hours of your purchase. We are here to help and ensure that you receive the best possible experience with our products.

      If transporting your own feed:
      Please be aware that our hay bales are heavy and there is an inherent risk associated with their transport. It is the responsibility of the customer to have the necessary equipment to handle the weight of the bales. If you request us to load the hay, you acknowledge that you are accepting responsibility for any damages that may occur during the process.


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