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the same hay our horses eat!

hay at blankenship farms

2023 harvest

Get it before its gone!


Alaska rounds

At Blankenship Farms, we take immense pride in presenting our commitment to excellence with each and every bale we produce. Your absolute satisfaction is our foremost priority, and we ensure that every bale meets the highest standards to fulfill your needs completely.

🏞️ Complimentary Year-Round Storage - A Hassle-Free Solution 🏞️

Experience the convenience of our complimentary year-round storage service. Rest easy knowing that your prized bales are expertly plastic-wrapped and stored at our farm, assuring utmost freshness and constant availability for your convenience.

🌱 An Exquisite Blend of Nature's Finest 🌱

Indulge your cherished livestock with our meticulously curated mix of premium timothy, native grass, brome, and clover. Our bales offer an unparalleled combination of flavors and nutrients, ensuring your animals relish every bite.

Alaska Grown_color.png

small squares - on demand!

Our squares are quality, and fresh. Just like our rounds, they are guaranteed or your money back! 17$ picked up and 19$ delivered, 55 pounds.  We do require notice ahead of time for squares due to the labor involved.

Alaska Grown_color.png


At Blankenship Farms, we cultivate hay with both your and our livestock's wellbeing at the forefront. Our commitment to quality starts with thorough soil analysis and expert agronomy guidance for optimal soil preparation. Throughout the growing season, we closely monitor our crops, harvesting at the peak of nutrition for maximum benefit. Providing top-quality hay is a full-time passion for our family, and we proudly offer the same forage we feed our own horses. Happy animals are our top priority.

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