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Susitna Square Bales
  • Susitna Square Bales

    Due to high demand and active farm please call or email to schedule pickup.

    Discover the ultimate choice for your alaskan herd! - Our old-style crafted bales, carefully curated to meet all your livestock's nutritional needs and more!

    🌱 Top-Grade Ingredients: Each bale is a perfect blend of high-quality timothy, brome, clover, and native grasses, ensuring a delectable feast for your animals.

    💪 Ideal Weight Range: These bales boast a sturdy weight of 50 pounds, giving you the best bang for your buck while providing easy to feed bales.

    ☔ Uncompromised Quality: Our bales have never been exposed to rain, as they are lovingly sheltered in barns to preserve their freshness and nutrients, ensuring your animals get the best every time.

    🚫 No Harmful Chemicals: Rest easy knowing our bales are completely free from herbicides and drying agents, ensuring a completely natural and safe feeding experience for your cherished companions.

    🏞️ From Farm to You: Straight from our farm to your doorstep, your dollar goes right to supporting local agriculture.We gurante every bale of hay, if you are not satisfied we will do what we can to make it right!FREE STORAGE!We will store your hay until you are ready for it free of charge, buy now and beat the winter prices. Delievery will be an option after harvest.

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